Bluesomeone’s Vegan Restaurant Selections of 2013 in Taiwan

Wow~ time flies, it is 2014 now. The fan numbers of my FB fan page and blog had a big growth during last year. Thank everyone for support! Every message is important for me. Sometimes I am too exciting to sleep after reading your messages. So grateful.

In order to make it easier to search the restaurant I wrote, I decide to write the restaurant selections of last year and also including my life. Which in brief are my favorite memories of 2013.

January: Sophie’s Garden(蘇菲花園), Loving hut X Soul.R.Cafe(愛家忠孝店)

An afternoon tea at Sophie’s Garden with my sister who skip her work :P.

It’s all worthy for the delicacies. The vegan sandwich, vegan waffle and garden soy-milk tea are fabulous! However, it's a pity that they cut off the afternoon tea supply because short of hands. Please call them to ask for the afternoon tea in advance. I strongly recommend these meals to whomever visit Sophies Garden.

Sophies Garden:台北市民生東路四段75巷5-1號 (Taipei)

I made a Vegan tiramisu for my BFFs birthday party at Loving hut X Soul.R.Cafe. They almost split their sides when seeing the broken cake…orz

The snacks and meals in Loving hut X Soul.R.Cafe have a cute decoration on them. The restaurant had a redecoration at the end of last year. The menu was changed, too. I’ll share the change after I got the chance to visit.

Loving hut X Soul.R.Cafe台北市大安區忠孝東路三段217巷1弄6號  (Taipei)

February: loving chocolate(戀巧克手工黑巧克力專賣店), Pizza dall' orto(歐透手工鮮蔬披薩)

戀巧克手工黑巧克力專賣店 is near the MRT Fuzhong Station in Banqiao district. The products are almost all vegan and no alcohol ingredient except the tiramisu which contains milk in the bottom cookies. Hopes one day they could make it vegan.

Be honest, I dont have that much interest about black chocolate. But I can find pancake, chocolate brownie (please order in advance or have to wait for 40 minutes) and hot chocolate drinketc here. What a good place for vegan afternoon tea. : D

戀巧克手工黑巧克力專賣店:新北市板橋區府後街4號 (Banqiao)

I visited Pizza dall' orto in Taichung at the vacation of Chinese New Year. How amazing! Each flavor of pizza could change to be vegan (if you don’t ask, it will has cheese on it).

The special thing about this restaurant is they putting in time and effort on their sauce. Taste delicious even without cheese. All I can say is a heart touched deliciousness!!

Pizza dall' orto台中市東興路三段81號 (Taichung)

March: Vegan trip to Wakayama, VEGE CREEK (蔬河), FU-SHI-WU vegetarian raman (釜喜屋拉麵店), Caruna (卡如那泰式素食), Joy Kitchen (悅健康廚房)

My sister and I had a trip to Wakayama in the early March. The girl-only trip is a different experience for us and it wasreally relaxed. Even some place is boring, we could still laugh crazily.

Wakayama is not popular as Osaka or Kyoto. You can count the vegan restaurants there in one hand, but the foods are much delicious than what I expected.

The series articles of 和歌山 (in Chinese)↓↓

I heard good news after I went back to Taiwan! The VEGE CREEK (蔬河) was not friendly for strict vegans because some foods containing milk ingredient and they are all cooked in the same pot. As soon as the owner realized this problem, he changed all foods there to be vegan, including veg meat. So how could I miss this one?

Although some friends think their price isn’t low, in my opinion, it’s reasonable for its location, flavor and the decoration. In addition, the owner is pretty handsome (←Heh!). Recommend you to try, especially the business launch is very worthy!

VEGE CREEK大安區延吉街129巷2號 (Taipei)

I couldn't help to go to the one of vegan land in Taiwan-Taichung again for the delicacies. There has a famous veg-raman restaurant- FU-SHI-WU(釜喜屋). I was wondering how special is the soup flavor. However, after I tried, it was sooooo gooooood!! How would I survived if I can’t have it someday after~~~!

All foods there are vegan! So cool isn’t it? The veg meat and veg meat balls are handmade. You can also choose the soup without garlic or onion, which is continent for Taiwan vegetarians and both kinds are delicious.

(BTW, the man looked young in the left photo is Mr. Shih, my lovely husband >\\\<)

FU-SHI-WU (釜喜屋, Ramen restaurant):台中市西區中美街447號 (Taichung)

After the incredible ramen launch, my friend took us to the Thai style restaurant (I think it’s Thai flavor with a little Taiwan style): Caruna (卡如那泰式素食).

The most special and delicious one for me is flax oil noodles! I never thought aboutthis kind of combination. Tastes light and smells good. (I immediately buy a bottle of flax oil after I got home!)

Caruna (卡如那泰式素食):台中市南區國光路216-1號 (Taichung)

Joy Kitchen(喜悅健康廚房) is a hot pot restaurant in uptown of Keelung. The name didn't interest me but it does have its specialty.

Probably relative to where the owner came from – Guizhou, China, the soup of the hot pot is made from sugar canes and apples. Taste a little sweet and really good. There are five options for the soup, the Tibet flavor won my heart and which is also the popular pot in the restaurant.

The snacks are vegan but the veg meat for hot pot is not confirmed if it has milk ingredient. I have to make a compliment to their snacks. The red bean pancake, Chinese toona roll, green bean cake, steamed dumplings, Xiaolongbao...are all made by hands and really fascinate! 

Joy Kitchen (喜悅健康廚房):基隆市安樂區基金三路82 (Keelung. easy to park there)

AprilFRESH BakeryVegan Baking Class in Angel vegan bakery

See~Vegan dessert bakery! For enjoying the vegan afternoon tea, I tempted my BFFs again to play hooky from work.

This restaurant has opened since the beginning of 2013, but only until April did I get the chance to taste it.  Although the atmosphere there I thought it’s not that perfect, but whatever dessert, bread, any kind of meal is incredible! 

Also introduced by the healthy video show : (Fresh is in the 1st part, and the interview of me 2nd and 3rd part (Shy…)

FRESH Bakery: 台北市南港區忠孝東路六段466號 (Taipei)

I was born in April, the day before I got 25, there was an impulse came from nowhere drove me cut a bob, never short like this after my junior high period. The fresh feeling makes me want to fool around on the street. I fed up of keep holding the hair dryer so long ! The picture on the right side was the vegan cake made by Veganheaven, the pattern on which was designed by Mr. Shi, Wow~~

April I started my vegan baking courses also in Ms. Hu’s Angel vegan bakery, who has many years of vegan baking (She is also a baker from milk-veg to vegan)! I took the courses for several times , the course contents are quite piratical, and the teacher answered almost any questions you asked.

Nowadays courses offered every month, one interesting in that could visit her FB fans’ club. (She’s cooperating with Zoe’s House for vegan baking courses, which seems really professional by browsing their website…XD)

Angel vegan bakery :

May: Shuiwen Veggie Sushi Train(水問蔬食迴轉壽司), Travelling in Kyoto for 6 days

Here in Taipei opened a novel restaurant in May : Shuiwen Veggie Sushi(水問蔬食迴轉壽司). It's a veggie Sushi train restaurant!

The owner imported rice cooker and sushi machine from Japan to keep the quality. The sushi rice is special also, quite sweet-scented and flexible.  The ratio of vinegar and rice is studied also, coming a nice taste.  What’s the best? The sushi here more than 80% is whole vegan!  They distinguished vegan, milk veg, and egg veg by the color of the plate, very clear.

Shuiwen Veggie Sushi(水問蔬食迴轉壽司): 台北市中山區松江路275號B1 (Taipei)

In the end of May, I headed for Kyoto! (Hooray)

If someone asked to recommend the place in Japan for first visiting, for sure Kyoto is the answer, where many veggie restaurants, many viewpoints, and the bus transportation is convenient – wonderful place!

Mr. Shih knew well that I clung to my memories for Japan, sending me the flight ticket go and return japan as birthday gift ! XD

The joy shared is more than enjoying alone, so I invited mother-in-law and the aunt who always give me care go together, and had an awesome time. Mentioned my mother-in-law, Mr. Shih complained all the time that she spoiled me a lot.  Well, how a bad boy can compare to the well-behaved daughter-in-law?

Beginning of summer in 2013, travelling in Kyoto (backpacker experience for 6 days. Sorry, it's Chinese version.)  →

June: YANGSHIN Veggie Dim Sum House(養心茶樓蔬食飲茶) , Loving Hut-Xinyue(愛家新月店)

The top news of veggie group in June must be that One royal veggie dim sum restaurant set up here in Taipei, YANGSHIN Veggie Dim Sum House. Before its grand opening day, many friends had made appointments to go together. Count me in!

To my personal opinion that the veggie HongKong dessert is nothing but awesome! Even though the vegan ones are less than half, but every dish surprised me for its deliciousness, and the price was OK also.  However, the formal dishes were not that suitable for my taste, and the price got a little high, NT 250~ 350 as average.

The manager said that, their cooking instruments divided as 3 sets for egg-veg, milk-veg, and vegan, and imported professional washing machines for the tools, so that the vegan customers no need to worry about having something with egg or milk. Which made me feel nice and relieved. (What’s more? Their waiters and waitress there are whole veggie people also, and the service persons downstairs from another non-veg restaurant of the same owner are not allowed to go up.  Amazing!) 

Maybe because was too high that day (Despite the high price that I didn’t get full at all), in front of the restaurant door we took some unique couple photos.  In deed that’s what our real lives going on, that’s all Mr. Shi’s fault……(Crying)

Got a chance to go Yilan and visited the Loving Hut Xinyue. I almost visit them every time I went Yilan and almost order the same dishes. I think it’s the best Chinese style restaurant in Taiwan loving huts. Strongly recommended the pineapple shrimp balls &exploding rolls with souse!

Loving Hut Xinyue 宜蘭縣宜蘭市泰山路14號 (Yilan)

JuneAugust: Rome Tomato Pasta(羅馬番茄義大利麵)

July and August is the time of summer vacation, hot and crowded everywhere.Usually during these two months I keep staying home rather than out, so the times for having meals in restaurants are less.  The only one that worthy to mention is the Rome Tomato Pasta(Vegan, milk-veg).

Their spaghetti is somehow Taiwan style but taste great! The owner combine special vegetables in Taiwan with pasta sauce into a distinct flavor.  I like the creative very much.  And the price is super low, lowest price there is just 99 NT dollars. Vegan dishes there are more than half and one can demand no 5-species if needed.

Rome Tomato Pasta(羅馬番茄義大利麵蔬食):台北市文山區木新路三段139號 (Taipei) 

September: Chenshi(澄石), Miracle Green House(綠舍奇蹟), Suxinqing Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine(愫心情養身蔬食料理 , 5-day family travel in Tokyo 

Taichung! Here I came again! Sometimes I just have no idea it’s lucky or pity not living here, cheap and yummy veggie restaurants everywhere. Kill me~

People seems go to Chengshi Dongxin more often, but I think Shishangxintianmu(Jingcheng Rd.)is not bad also, with more vegan choices.  In Taichung people’s mind maybe the price is not that cheap, but it’s cost-effective for north people.  

Chengshi(澄石):西區精誠二十二街29號 (Taichung)

On the way home from Taichung, everybody was chattering about delicious restaurants(Hah? Our topics just can’t leave away food),and then we decided to have a great meal in Miracle Green House. XD

Maybe due to the location, Miracle Green House is not well-known to the public, but actually it’s a wonderful vegan restaurant! The environment is In a courtly manner with delicious and stylish meal.  At first glance the price is a little high, but I think the quality is good enough for that.  The delicacy is exquisite and tasty with nice service persons, where it’s one of my top choice in north for dining together.

by the way, the pictures in the left side is the new dishes of Miracle Sreen House these days.

Squid noodle(Vegan): taste slightly, but with intense aroma.  Although I like the pasta with heavy taste more,Squid noodle is not bad also.

Mushroom pizza(5-spicy):Taste good!  The vegan cheese seems to be invented by the restaurant themselves, tasting a little sweet with sauce, special! I like it very much~ One for 6-inches, must reserve if you want it.

Eel rice(Vegan):Which outmatched totally the one in Loving Hut Tokyo, awesome! The vegetable fried rice in the same plate is with high quality also.  Yummy!!

Miracle Green House(綠舍奇蹟)新竹市武陵路30號 (Hsinchu)

In the middle period of this month was mother-in-law’s birthday, so our whole family had a meal together in SuxinqingHealthy Vegetarian Cuisine which was named Pingshen Healthy Veg before,famous with its Chinese cuisine.  Actually it tasted quite good and looks really nice.  Especially “Fresh Veg Bacon with Preserved Cabbage”(in Chinese: Meigankoro 梅干扣肉) is my favorite .  The veggie meat theyused for dishes is not directly from ready-made one but seems like dealing with gluten and bean, taste good~

But I think the quantity of any dish is a little few.  Like us with six persons, every dish for one is just two or three bite, and the average price for each one is near NT:3~400, 80% full after finishing, a little expensive for its portion.

Suxinqing Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine(愫心情養身蔬食料理):台北市中山區南京東路二段95號B1 (Taipei) (Milk-veg with many vegan options)

In the end of September, for catching the tail of summer vacation, father suggested a family trip with my guiding without thinking twice, we whole Bluesomeone family with 6 persons went to Tokyo together.

If you ask me, in fact I like Kansai more.  I don’t know if this time I’m not that lucky, my delicacy trip in Tokyo didn't fix the anticipation completely, somehow there are still a few nice restaurants could be shared~ but…My Tokyo series was just began and on the way, please have a look of the article below first! 

October: The V:F(舞蔬弄果), Brother Su(布拉德施)

In the End of October is Mr. Shih’ s birthday, in the same time our wedding anniversary also (I feel stupid myself, why did I choose this time for wedding? Then every year I need two send him two presents but he sends me only one!), we celebrated it in The V:F. 

The restaurant really applied their mind, even though they can’t make vegan birthday cake, but still managed to make birthday jelly for us! XD

The way the food put on dishes is delightful, but the taste is insipid.  However the quality of food is nice and taste comfortable.  Although the vegan meal is not that much, it’s a enjoyable restaurant.

The V:F (舞蔬弄果):信義路三段7號2F (Taipei)

Comparing the two former, Brothersu in Zhonghe offers a much cheaper price~~Although the meal looks like home-made ones, tastes awesome!  The owner always used the organic vegetables and fruits with high quality, no mono-sodium glutamate at all! To avoid the ready-made materials are not that pure, they make many meal materials themselves, really diligent and caring.

I’m loving in their dumplings, spicy tofu and all kinds of noodles with wonderful soup-stock! The portion is enough also, a man just need one bowl of noodles can get full, the CP value is quite high (CP value: the price VS the quality, the higher the better) ! 

The vegan dessert there is worthy trying also. Every time I go there, just two persons we can order until 200300 NT dollars, where it’s really a fairy land for me.

Brother SU(布拉德施):新北市中和區南華路29號 (Zhonghe)

November:MIMI BEANMiss veggie(荷悅蔬食坊)Ooh cha cha

Though many people call me veggie expert, I think I’m far from that, because I had no idea that there’s a branch of Mini bean in Taipei until these months.

Mini bean is famous for its original and organic soybean, The soybean ice-cream made by such healthy and organic soybean is yummy~~ smooth and slight plus nice soy smell, with many flavors also!  But one should remind store that the cracks upon it to be vegan, or they usually put cracks with milk.  I recommend colorful soybean milk, also the price is not that friendly, but characteristic and taste nice.  I like it very much!

Nonetheless frankly speaking(again?), it’s a little low CP value for vegan.  Vegan just suggested to have their dessert and soybean milk.

MINI BEAN:台北市大安區忠孝東路三段251巷4弄16號 (Taipei store)

2013 is really a special year, feeling that veggie is in fashion!  All these years, Chinese veggie snack is the main restaurant style in Taoyuan county, now opened one like PP99, and cheaper, practical ,with higher CP value !  Which named: Miss veggie. (荷悅蔬食坊)

The owner considers well for vegan, one-third meals without milk and egg, even the buns, salad sauce, and strawberry sauce are confirmed to be vegan, and all kinds of bread are vegan.  They even want to use the vegan cheese(but the provider seems to be have none).  For a milk-egg-veggie restaurant, this one is the rare one that I’d like to come again.

Miss Veggie (荷悅蔬食坊)桃園市坤成街92號 (Taoyuan)

Ooh Cha Cha nature meal is a new restaurant located near Taipei Guting MRT station.  All meals are vegan there, some with 5-spicy, their main road leading nature and healthy way.  

Their meal looks so so, but with first biting you feel the energy and delicious of vegetables and fruits. The sauce of bread is yummy, bread yummy, drinks yummy, and raw food desert also, even better than the one I had in the raw food restaurant in Osaka.

Actually I think their best is not light food, but raw food desert and veg-fruit juice, just one taste you’ll understand. Authentically a special one, I definitely go again!

Ooh Cha Cha:台北市南昌路二段207號 (Taipei)

December: IVegan(愛維根蔬食超市), About Animals(動物誌), Loving Hut-Hankou (愛家漢口店)

In the end of 2013, the first vegan supermarket-IVegan started business!!

Basically the provisions are Taiwan-made.  Although I anticipated to see a lot of imported vegan provisions, many cheap and delicious vegetables, fruits, and provisions can be bought at once is really exciting! 

IVegan(愛維根蔬食超市):文山區萬隆街54號 (Taipei)

After IVegan, let’s go to the nearby About Animals for lunch! The decorations of this store is cool,with somehow the feelings of literature and art, and the cat of the store is so cute and friendly.

Though the price got a little high, the hamburger is awesome(5-spicy can be eliminate if need), which aroused me the memory of travelling aboard, quite distinct of the other veggie store’s hamburger in Taiwan! They have cooperation with Vegan Heaven, so one can have delicious cake and dessert there also.

About Animals (動物誌):台北市文山區景隆街1巷9號 (Taipei)

The last schedule of 2013 is my favorite Taichung again! I hesitated for a long time. Fu-Shi-Wu? Pizza dall' orto? At last setting my teeth decided to go another one which recommend a lot by friends in Taichung: Loving Hut-Hanko.

Loving Hut-Hanko reconstructed two months ago by new runner, the menu changed and more appealing , and whole meal there vegan without 5-spicy! (Seems to be the only one Loving Hut without 5-spicy?) With pretty meal putting, particular food materials, friendly service and price, awesome and yummy meal, high high high CP value!! Only can say that, there is one more that I’d like to go again and again restaurant in Taichung! Ah~~ I have only one stomach, what a vexation!

Loving Hut-Hankou(愛家漢口店):台中市北區漢口路四段266號 (Taichung)

All as above, is my handpicked restaurants in 2013.  Count it myself, I really go to a lot a lot of place to dine, and more only put out on fans club.

Moreover, many veggie friends who are going aboard consulted me by email, but because of work I can’t reply right away, or I’m not that familiar for the places you’re going to, just please have a look of the link International Veggie Information, where many information inside should be helpful the people going aboard.  ^__^

Wish myself in 2014 can have a lot of delicacies also! Finish!

There's my FB fan page! Come to join me!↓↓↓