Joy Bar 喜悅吧 @ Taipei

In National Taipei College of Business around Shandao temple MRT station , there is a small but complete vegan café----JOY BAR.

Joy Bar is a small café shop provides quality products with low prices.  Although dishes there are not quite exquisite, but can feel owner’s enthusiasm and sincerity. With high quantity and low price, which is really popular around students.

The café is next to library in the corner site with suitable space, providing 7,8 tables for customers.

Here comes the menu, Chinese only, but don’t worry, the owner can speak English.
They provide many kinds of meals like Hamburger, Bagel, Special thick toast…for light food, and formal meal as Chinese rice and noodles.

Here sharing the meal I’ve had as below~

香菇羹湯 Mushroom thick soup (small $30Big $40)
Thick shop with a lot of materials, many vegetables inside, cooked tasty.  For girls just this soup combining a bowl of rice can get quite full !

乾麵 Dry noodles (small $35Big $45)
Dry noodles in Taiwan are usually just noodles with vegetables(the green leaves), with such many materials is really rare! ! With colorful looking, of course the quantity is big also!

照燒排貝果堡 Veggie Pork Chop Bagel Burger ($50)
The handmade bagel with veggie pork chop and vegetables is the popular bagel burger in Joy Bar!  The handmade bagel is fresh and chewy, bravo! This is one of my favorite dishes.

鄉村厚片披薩 Countryside thick toast pizza ($35)
Actually it’s a thick toast for luxury version~ But the special sauce made by the owner is really dense and tasty like a real pizza.  The most ingredients for this are tomatoes and lettuce, tasted fresh and nice.

蘑菇厚片披薩 Mushroom thick toast pizza ($35)
This one is really heavy, in addition to pizza sauce, there’re vegan mayonnaise and mushroom red sauce as well.  Occasionally I like heavy taste like this, feel good. (But I shared it with friends so I don’t know if finished by one person could be too greasy or not)

All meals there can be taken out.  If someone’s afraid that the sauce makes the bag a mess, can also choice bagel or sandwich as so on.  The bagels in the transparent windows are handmade every day.  Due to the space of the bar courter, the bagels can’t go through the formal procedure heating before toasting, chewy feeling a little less, like bread more, but still taste good and very nature.

Moreover, there are unique rainbow sandwich and rice roll, made by owner himself also, cheap and yummy! (The rainbow sandwich just NT 17 dollars for one!)

I’m really lucky, got time that the bagel just done.  The boss is so kind that treat me one of cranberry, delicioooooooooooous!

金桔檸檬 Oval kumquatand lemon juice (Big $35)純素奶茶 Vegan milk tea ($25)
The drinks are made by the owner also, very honestly and valuable, not the one that adding a lot of water.

Because religion activities are in fashion in Taiwan, we have a lot of veggie store.  

However, the vegan diet just got attention these years, many veggie restaurants with milk and egg.  Like vegan chocolate sauce, vegan garlic sauce, and vegan butter biscuit sauce are quite hard to get.  To our surprise, the owner of Joy Bar himself is vegan, so many materials and sauce he used are made by himself with the ingredients he bought. Vegan people can relax and just enJOY! 

A small essay as above, wish you like it. : D

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