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In Taiwan, we got few chance to taste raw-food, because even the diet style “Vegan” appeared just theses years. To our big joy, here in Taipei opened a light raw-food restaurant “Ooh cha cha 自然食” which provided a new splendid choice for vegans.

The principle of Ooh cha cha is healthy and tasty food made by fresh, nutritious and energy-rich materials to simple but not casual dishes, with somehow the style of a literary youth in New York. It provides light-food only with 6 kinds of sandwich, many vigor vegetable and fruit drinks, and hand-made raw desert, all vegan without milk and egg. Some dishes with 5-spicy can be eliminated if need.

Ooh cha cha is near MRT Guting station with 5 minutes walking from exit 2.

The store in the corner is triangle, looks small but with penetrating glass wall plus high roof, simple and clear decorating, making people feel spacious.  Visiting there when darkness falling, from a far eye one can feel warmth in heart.

Around3 tables there and a bar in the corner, looks comfortable also.

Wifi password showed by this, how cute! XD

Here is the menu, for this kind of golden places in Guting, the price is quite reasonable.  The meal marked leaves means can be made without 5-spicy.

The quantity for girls can get full, for boys around 70% full.  And because the meals mainly made by nuts and vegetables, one should have a feeling of satisfaction after meal.

全麥野菇青醬三明治, Mushroom Sandwich (NT.140) 
This one taste good! Full-bodied pesto smells great, mushroom is fried at scene, taste savory, combing with alfalfa sprouts and fresh tomato is yummy.

Cha Cha 全麥蔬菜堡,  Cha cha Salad sandwich (NT.140)
This burger looks normal, but the point is the sauce which I don’t know how it made, smells so good.  Overall speaking it is salubrious but not very light taste.  And the fresh quality of the lettuce needs to be praised also, the more you bite, the tastier you feel.  This one is my favorite.

番茄鷹嘴豆泥三明治, Roasted Garlic Hummus Sandwich (NT.140)
Chickpea is the kind of food of high nutrition.  The common cuisine method is mixed with white sesame for example middle-east white sesame puree which has charming sharp aroma.  But in Ooh cha cha the hummus is light with almost no seasoning and few oil.  For normal taste ones may feel it tastes quite dry.

By the way, in Beitou there’s a restaurant “Yummy Vegan House(芽米屋)” whose Egypt pocket biscuit is made by hummus also, which is the best hummus cuisine I ever had in Taiwan.

傳家越式豆腐堡, Tofu Bonh Mi (NT.150) 
I've never think tofu combine with bread will be a good idea, but this one makes me think again.  To my surprise that cashew sauce can mix tofu and bread perfectly, impressive taste and mouth feeling, really special! 

I've been to Ooh cha cha for two times, usually one upgraded to 90 dollars combo, another upgraded to 150 combo and shared together, then almost can taste every meal and too great full.  One point is that I think the vice-meal is the marvelous part of Ooh cha cha, no matter raw-food desert or exclamatory vegetable-fruit drinks are true unique only belong to them.

Soup everyday: Onion pumpkin soup (150 dollar combo)
The pumpkin soup is aromatic, 100% only pumpkin, onion, and potatoes, pure pumpkin flavor, sweet and smooth, making one’s heart warm and content. Super like it ! (The soup with or without 5-spicy please consult owner)   

Raw Desserts: Dancing Banana Pie (150 dollar combo)
This dessert is made by banana, cashew, candied jujube, oats, and raw-cocoa without baking, 100 % no additions.  The best time to taste it is when it recovers from icy. Intense banana and chocolate flavor, smooth mouth feelings and makes full without over sweet or fat.  I like it very much.

Raw Desserts: Chocolate Walnut ball (150 dollar combo)
People who are not that familiar with raw-food can be not very like it, overall it’s raw, can not be that the normal chocolate smooth, but I feel it has another unique flavor: between chocolate and chocolate cookie, full with coconut aroma, for a dessert It makes one really full.(because the ingredients are more just than chocolate XD )

Raw Desserts: Perfect Chocolate mousse (150 dollar combo)
This one I not that like, taste like milk-shake or jelly, flavor is not bad but far from my idea of mousse.
Green Drinks: Orange sweet milk (90 dollar combo)
I really recommendtheir vigor drinks, like it most from drink, light food, and raw-dessert.
Not only fruits but vegetables also, make you feel somehow light aroma from whatever vegetables, really different from traditional juice! This one looks a little like papaya soy-bean milk.

Green Drinks: Fresh Fruit Punch (90 dollar combo)
Seems like common pineapple and apple juice, never thought it is green! It turns out that the ingredients are orange, mango, strawberry and fresh vegetables.  Just one taste you can feel  plentiful , much more beyond just fruit’s sour and sweet, incredible!

For my big surprise is the straw made by paper! Although used longer it become soft, but the function still works.  I’m really curious how this come from.

Although without emphasizing, one can find that Ooh cha cha has environment conscious.  In addition to straw, the menu printed by recycled paper with nice feelings and warmth.

Some people might think, just bread plus lettuce, anything special?

Well, I’ll say, the light food looks simple, but needs combine with many kinds of suitable materials and sauce indeed, and the picking of the ingredients is also important.  The less seasoning cuisine, the harder to conceal the shortcomings.  For customers taste comfortable and relaxed, nature and delicious, all the details should be noticed, and that’s why I fall in love with light food.  Plus prominent and remarkable vegetable-fruit juice, nature hand-made dessert, it’s why Ooh cha cha becomes Ooh cha cha, authentically stands head and shoulders above other light food restaurants.

Ooh cha cha /★★★★ / http://www.facebook.com/OohChaCha 
台北市南昌路二段207號 / 02-23677133 / Mon-Fri 10:00~21:00, Sat-Sun 10:00~18:00

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